January 9 2020 full moon horoscope

This strapping new Moon enters your life along with an engraved invite not to miss. With the help of buoyant Jupiter in social quarters, your world looks much brighter these days, socially speaking. This light will awakens you from winter slumber into a beautifully lit room full of like-minded people.

Full Moon in Capricorn: 16th July

Say 'yes' to that social event, charity group or workshop. As you enter, you will know you have met your tribe and a key person there will brighten up your landscape for the year to come. Seems that your last few years have been laced with a flurry of high expenses; some being children, your friends' destination wedding, and perhaps late night shopping that felt oh-so-crucial at the moment.

This New Year begin with fresh start—a jolt of energy to grow your business. And rightly so — you have all the right ingredients to go 'next level'. Begin to clarify your messaging, your mission, your website and basically giving your business an overall 'facelift'. Jupiter sends rays of opportunity with this new Moon, though you will need to redirect spending to your business development this month.

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You are a natural provider and would do just about anything to keep your company and your family happy. What excites you? C'mon, other than more work opportunities… A new Moon in your own sign is a precious gift that only happens once a year. There could be an inviting opportunity to enroll in a course of study that has always peaked your interest, an international trip you have always wanted to take. Ski adventure? Sure, a family member may rather you not, though here you must stand up for yourself and make an agreement.

Happy Birthday, treat yourself.

Calendar for January 2020 (Ukraine)

Secrets that you have held deep within, will enter into the light of consciousness and conversation this month will be both clarifying and healing for you. The new Moon shines a stark light on an important piece of information that has previously been hidden from view, perhaps a family secret or habit you are now willing to come clean on. You may uncover a hidden source of financing to help you work through this and get away for a bit.

A little research and digging will be necessary. Explore habits to make and others to break for Mediation and Yoga seem to be high your priority list right now. Mixing business and pleasure looks fortuitous in the glow of this Capricorn new Moon.

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Even work functions will become suddenly enjoyable as you develop a key relationship that may have been overlooked in the past years. You just may have more in common than previously realized and conversations could lead to a joint venture in your future. The New moon in Capricorn will bring a not-to-miss formal occasion that will open the curtains of your social world. There, a friend or colleague may just casually introduce you to your future partner. Sparks will fly.

For more from Rebecca go to MyPathAstrology. Our hour clock is based on the average length of the solar day throughout the year. Because the actual length of a solar day varies, the earliest sunrises of the year occur before the summer solstice, the day with the longest period of sunlight, and the latest sunsets of the year occur after the solstice.


On the day of the full Moon, Monday, June 17, , morning twilight will begin at AM, sunrise will be at AM, the Sun will reach a maximum altitude of This will be the day with the longest period of sunlight, 14 hours, 53 minutes, and On the day of the solstice, morning twilight will begin at AM, sunrise will be at AM, the Sun will reach a maximum altitude of The latest sunrises of the year will occur on Friday and Saturday, June 28 and 29, at PM.

By the day of the full Moon after next, Tuesday, July 16, , morning twilight will begin at AM, sunrise will be at AM, the Sun will reach a maximum altitude of On the evening of the full Moon on June 17, , as evening twilight ends, the planet Mercury and the planet Mars will appear about a degree apart in the west-northwest at about 5 degrees above the horizon. Mercury will appear brighter than Mars, with Mercury on the right and Mars on the left.

The two bright stars to the upper right of Mercury and Mars will be Pollux and Castor, the "twins" in the constellation Gemini the Twins. The brightest planet in the evening sky will be Jupiter, appearing in the southeast at about 18 degrees above the horizon. Jupiter was at its brightest and closest to the Earth for this apparition a week before, on June 10, The "Summer Triangle" will be rising in the east-northeast. The "Summer Triangle" is made up of Vega, the brightest star in the constellation Lyra the Harp appearing highest at about 42 degrees above the horizon ; Deneb, the brightest star in the constellation Cygnus the Swan on the left at about 24 degrees above the horizon ; and Altair, the brightest star in the constellation Aquila the Eagle on the right at about 12 degrees above the horizon.

About 10 minutes after evening twilight ends, the bright planet Saturn will rise, appearing as bright in the east-southeast as Mercury will appear on the opposite horizon in the west-northwest. Saturn will be at its closest and brightest for this apparition on July 9, Mercury and Mars will appear at their closest to each other the next evening, June 18, , less than a third of a degree apart, after which they will appear to separate as Mercury shifts to the left and Mars shifts to the right. As the month progresses the planets and stars will generally appear to shift to the west each evening.

By the evening of the full Moon on July 16, , as evening twilight ends, Mercury and Mars will have set already, bright Jupiter will appear in the south-southeast at about 28 degrees above the horizon, and Saturn will appear in the southeast at 16 degrees above the horizon. The Summer Triangle will appear higher in the east with Vega appearing 62 degrees above the horizon. On the morning of the full Moon on June 17, , as morning twilight begins, the bright planet Jupiter will appear in the southwest at about 8 degrees above the horizon and the planet Saturn will appear in the south-southeast at about 25 degrees above this horizon.

The bright star appearing nearly overhead will be Deneb, part of the "Summer Triangle. As the month progresses, Jupiter, Saturn, and the background of stars will appear to shift towards the west. Venus will appear to shift closer to the Sun, rising closer to sunrise and becoming more difficult to see. Venus will pass on the far side of the Sun as seen from the Earth in mid-August By the morning of the full Moon on July 16, , as morning twilight begins, Jupiter will have already set and Saturn will appear low in the southwest at about 7 degrees above the horizon.

This summer should be a great time for Jupiter and Saturn watching, especially with a backyard telescope. Jupiter was at its closest and brightest for the year on June 10, while Saturn will be at its closest and brightest on July 9, called "opposition" because they are opposite the Earth from the Sun, effectively a "full Jupiter" and a "full Saturn". Both will appear to shift towards the west over the coming months, making them visible earlier in the evening sky and friendlier for backyard stargazing, especially if you have young ones with earlier bed times.

With clear skies and a small telescope you should be able to see Jupiter's four bright moons, Ganymede, Callisto, Europa, and Io, shifting positions noticeably in the course of an evening. Galileo was the first person known to point the newly developed telescope at Jupiter, and he immediately noticed these moons that we now call the Galilean moons. For Saturn, you should be able to see the brightly illuminated rings as well as the motions of Saturn's moons, particularly the largest moon, Titan.

On Wednesday evening, June 12, , the bright star appearing to the lower right of the waxing gibbous Moon will be Spica.

Full Moon in January , Full Moon in Cancer 20°00’, January 10 | threadomikthroser.gq

Even though they are not usually visible, I include in these Moon missives information about Near Earth Objects mostly asteroids that pass the Earth within about 10 or 15 lunar distances, because I find it interesting that we have discovered so many. Sometime around Friday, June 14, , Jun UTC with 5 days, 8 hours, 5 minutes uncertainty , Near Earth Object YA14 , between and feet 48 and meters in size, will pass the Earth at between 8. Would the new moon increase that or can I expect some change for good? Mercury has been in opposition in the last days to my natal Venus and I had a very sad time emotionally… should I expect the new moon to keep the lead on what mercury started?

How it can bring a chance of brighter future?

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  6. Would my Jupiter in Virgo at The new moon in December touched my Neptune at I also have Pluto at If the person related to the situation has natal mercury conjunct my MC so mercury transit was squaring it now and the new moon will square it again …. As an aside, last year I had a very nasty new moon at the beginning of the year and the year was awful … would this new moon be the same? Yes Meli. Your Jupiter is still activated from the September solar eclipse so will be helping you at least benefit from all this.

    This new moon supersedes the preceding one, so like a new start and the Neptune issues are behind you now. Pluto but not IC, I tend to stick to one degree orb for lunations except eclipses. No two things are ever the same because of all the ther planets being in different positions. Thank you Jamie! If the new moon will oppose my natal Venus and also touch my natal Pluto and those natally are making a square …. Which is stronger the natal aspect that would be activated or the transits and new moon? So glad to hear that Jupiter will be helping as I need him!!

    If the new moon supersedes the preceding one but the matter that was related to that moon is still going on, should I understand that even if the situation is the same it will be taken completely afresh? The Venus square Pluto natal aspect is most important because it is being activated and you live with it every day.

    Remember all these moon phases come under the umbrella of the September eclipses, so all are related in that way. A longer term issue, say over the six months of the eclipse cycle, can be broken up into the new moon cycles like an unfolding story. Plus there will also be new issues with.