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  • The Libra-Scorpio Cusp: Key Personality Traits.
  • The Libra-Scorpio Cusp: Key Personality Traits.
  • Does Being Born on the Cusp Affect Astrological Compatibility? ⋆ Astromatcha.

Find out the unique challenges you face when you are born on the cusp! Happy Birthday, Scorpio! Er, wait a minute.

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  6. Are you sure you're a Scorpio? What if you're a Sagittarius and you don't even know it?! Individuals born on this cusp are ruled by Pluto , Mars and Jupiter , and they possess the bold, aggressive qualities of Scorpio along with the active and adaptable traits of Sagittarius. But sometimes they are so action oriented they can be characterized as rebellious -- and maybe even accused of running wild! Rebelliousness doesn't need to be a bad thing, though. It often simply means these cuspers are open-minded, freedom-loving and willing to speak their minds frankly.

    Therefore these individuals may do better when self-employed, and if they can find work that befits their natural tendencies toward empathy for the human condition, even better. If not, they may be a bit mi sun derstood.

    Born on a Cusp? Traits of a Scorpio/Sagittarius Male

    But if they can learn to balance their complex personalities they will likely become humorous, powerful and generous people. Find out if you're a true Taurus or Gemini! Get your Essential Birth Chart report from Tarot. Sign Up or Login to DailyHoroscope. I feel liberated.

    The Scorpio Sagittarius Cusp Revealed

    Gah, I just missed the cusp. There are lots of different charts for the cusp, so I myself, a baby born on November 18th consider me a cusp-kid! I want some more info about relationships though, that would be nice. Than one day i did some serious searching to my question and came across the fact that i am in deed a cusp and it was never more right about who i am Hi Amanda - I too was born on Novmeber 22nd! Two Master Numbers!

    The Ascendant's Cusp

    In such relationship they are deeply attached and emotional and they demand more which can be resulted to painful parting and break-ups. They are most successful in structural relationship. They can be the best combination of marriage in such bond they can overcome almost every difficulty arise in this relationship.

    They are wonderful children, good student and respectable parents. Persons born on the Libra-Scorpio cusp can be very critical. They may be in demand when an honest critique is needed, as they often hold nothing back. Likewise, they may be avoided for their scalding tongue.

    I was born close to the Libra Scorpio cusp. Am I a Libra or am I a Scorpio?

    They may mistrust their intuition. While they are usually coolly objective on any subject, they can also be a bit wild.


    Once they are committed to a course of action, they will most likely see it through to completion no matter how difficult it may get. Libra-Scorpio may have some conflicts between what they know intellectually and emotionally. They are charming and attractive, despite their potential detachment. They need to learn to relax and have some fun. Libra-Scorpio needs to keep themselves open to unusual experiences. While it is easy for them to be cynical and sarcastic, this attitude can hurt them immensely.

    Libra-Scorpio is attractive and seductive. They have an intensity that is difficult to ignore. They are naturals in any social situation. They are good communicators and can handle abstract reasoning with ease. They are more perceptive than they let on.

    You can find crazy people that do that. You can find drunk people that do that. You can also find ditzy and dumb people that do that. No, the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp can talk in an impassioned way that draws you in. This intensity enables you to communicate with that person on eye-to-eye basis, so all these ideas instantly become real. They instantly hurt, they instantly make you feel afraid, they instantly make you feel apprehensive, and they instantly make you feel defensive. And it all flows from this intensity. It is no surprise why people look at them as a natural leader. They are easily able to sell ideas as easily as they are able to sell laptop computers, blenders, furniture, you name it.

    The Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp excels at emotional manipulation. The Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp excels at this because these words come from an impassioned place. These words come compact with emotional payloads that deliver a wide cascade of emotional payoffs. This is why the intense Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp is such a natural leader. The Cusp of Revolution, Scorpio Sagittarius cusps are delighted by partners who are as rebellious as they are and as fearless as they are themselves! Bold, aggressive, and intense they draw people towards them with their natural aura and magnetism.

    Scorpio-Sagittarius cusps are always willing to speak their minds and thus come off as very honest individuals. Sometimes too honest. That is why their ideal partners would be people who could take the sort of bluntness which comes with such individuals. They can be fiercely loyal and are known to charm others with their intelligence and charisma.

    A couple of folks born under this cusp would be the Hollywood actress, author, and producer Jamie Lee Curtis or even Jodie Foster who enthralled us with her performance in The Silence of The Lambs.

    The Deeply Dramatic Libra-Scorpio Cusp |

    Needless to say, this cusp is an exciting mix where the love of loyalty needs to be balanced with the need for freedom. These folks are textbook examples of committed relationships where there is ample wriggle room for adventure. Nothing impresses your Scorpio Sagittarius cusp more than a loyal and exciting relationship which is marked to last forever.

    Folks born on this cusp are blessed with the empathy of a water sign Scorpio and the unpredictability of a fire sign Sagittarius , which gives them a wide prism of abilities. There is a synergy which is present between compassion and kindness which makes them incredibly generous. The fire sign ensures that they are unpredictable and downright scary at times, so they need partners who would respect their freedom and independence.

    The water sign, on the other hand, is quite a wary sign and fire holds truth and honesty as important. They are attracted to people who are passionate and talented and enjoy encouraging them to reach their full potential. Fire signs will reflect the intensity and make partners for life. A relationship with a partner from the fire sign would be laden with passion and intimacy. A water sign partner, on the other hand, will provide the love and affection that a fire sign craves for.