Pisces moon love horoscope

We may feel torn between taking an active, hands-on, problem-solving approach Mars and adopting a more passive attitude of acceptance Neptune. Either way, Jupiter gives us reason to believe everything will work out for the best—as long as we approach the situation with an open heart and an open mind.

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What do the stars have in store for you this month? Your birth chart is the key to understanding your astrological nature. Be like water, Pisces : Your fluid sense of self serves you well in relationships with others whose standards may be more specific. Just be careful not to diminish yourself by accepting their criteria as the measure of your own self-worth. Let it go, Aries! It may feel as if your efforts alone are keeping things moving forward. Just try it and see if anyone even notices. Unity in diversity: Taurus , we humans are an eclectic bunch.

Pisces Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect!

But finding one whose interests overlap with yours? Assemble your dream team, Gemini : You may be the one with the vision, but actualizing it is going to take a lot of work. As within, so without: Cancer , your inner life and outer reality are more connected than you realize. It's gentle, soft.

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They just drift toward each other. In a way, they like two islands in the ocean, side by side, letting the world pass them by.

Moon in Zodiac Signs Women

These two are both in love with love. They want to find the perfect someone to share their dreams with.

Your Weekly Horoscope: the Dreamy Pisces Full Moon Is Coming

They both want someone who will always be there for them, who will live and die for them, who will protect them from the harshness of life. Cancer Moon is naturally more protective, while Pisces Moon is more likely to cloak and hide Cancer away from the world. They will definitely have fairy lights, lilies, candles, bubbles, and butterflies at their wedding.

It wouldn't be unusually if it actually was a fantasy-themed wedding, because these two love fantasy, and they readily indulge in fantasy together. They may think the other is the answer to their prayers or the their love spells, or whatever they have done to find the love they want. Perhaps out of most Moon matches, these two become dependent on each other, and they never want to be apart.

Here are two people who dream of having a big, quiet home that acts as a respite from the world, where they can live in innocence.

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  8. And they will. Even though they are both otherwise prone to possessiveness and insecurity, they give each other no cause to worry because they are always together. In fact, it's probably difficult to keep them apart. Most people know them as a pair, like twins, except they're not. These two raise their children gently, perhaps in a house by the sea where there is no television or video games. They read books, they paint, and they collect shells.

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    If they can't live in the tropics in their youth, they will make it a goal to retire there. Their grandchildren will visit them in Hawaii, where they will live the idyllic life, with coconut trees in the yard and a cool breeze that always blows.

    Pisces Love Personality:

    Cancer Moon will take it upon itself to make sure the family has what it needs. It will go out in the world. It would be better for both parties as it is taking an emotional toll on both you and your partner. You yearn for romance in your marriage, and you will enjoy creating a romantic ambience for your lover this year. During the April-May time period of , you will feel that your love life is missing out on many things.

    Make your lover feel adored and let them feel the warmth of your love. Keeping it all inside and pretending to be a tough person will not work out for you in You should support them in all possible ways, they might not ask for it directly but you should understand their needs and act promptly.


    It might be peer pressure which leads you to think like that and you might be right about it. But you should be careful about how you communicate this to your partner. During June a doubt might crop up in your mind regarding a new relationship and some of your friends may bolster this doubt with their opinions and arguments. You should not take any harsh decisions before knowing the truth because not everyone around is wishing for your well-being.

    You may gather the strength and confidence to share a secret which you have been holding in your mind for long during the last quarter of You are most likely to get a positive response if you express your feelings to the one you love and confess wholeheartedly.