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The source said that he has first-hand knowledge that the rabbi's signature was forged. As well, the source said a stamp certifying kosher processing conditions also required on some cartons of fish was made and used by employees while the rabbi wasn't present.

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He said the rabbi was not aware of the existence of the second stamp. Tile source said the praclice of forging the rabbi's initials and using the Hebrew kosher stamp has been in existence for several years. The source said he was concerned about the moral and ethical implications of the practice.

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As far as I'm con- cerned its consumer fraud. Kt Bill Jackson, president of the Manitoba Government Employees Association, will announce today whether lie intends lo resign as vice- chairman of lie task force on provincial government effi- ciency and tile economy.

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Following an hour-long meeting with Premier Ster- ling Lyon Thursday, Jackson said lie wouldn't announce his decision until lie discus- sed it witli oilier union execu- tives and exchanged corre- spondence with the premier. But Ihe resignation threat "still he said. However, he said he told the premier civil service mo- rale was at an all-lime low and staff is being reduced in an unacfcplabblc way. The two agreed, lie said, that the task force lias been unfairly blamed for these reductions.

Jackson accepted the vice- chairmanship in November after MliKA directors dis- cussed fears the union would appear "in bed with the Con- servatives" but decided cut- backs mighl be more severe if he didn't participate directly. Molgat, a former Liberal party president, called McKenzie Winnipeg-Cen- tre "one of the biggest sepa- ratists of the country.

Richardson resigned as defence minister in over, the government's proposal to entrench French-language rights in the constitution. McKenzie is a frequent critic of federal government attempts to increase French use in the public service. Fire detection devices could be mandatory in all new Manitoba houses by next fall, Labor Minister Norma Price said Thursday.

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Legislation making detectors mandatory could come after the National Building Code of Canada decides whether the devices should be included in the national code, Price said. In Ottawa national code spokesman John Burns said a committee studying mandatory fire detectors has recommended detectors be included in the code.

They have the final Burns said explaining an amendement to the code to include the detection devices wouldn't likely be made until the fall of That decision would be studied by the Manitoba Building Standards Board, which is responsible for making recommendations on the provincial building code. The board, which has been studying a proposal to make detectors mandatory since lasl spring, is then expected to complete its study and submit a recommendation for Price's consideration. Fire fighters across the country have cre- dited detectors with saving lives and have been advocating mandatory legislation for years.

Winnipeg deputy fire chief Aubrey Hatton has said there have been several instances where a smoke detector could have saved Several of the lives that ended up on the list of 22 people who died through fires in Toronto Fire Chief Bernard Denser credits detectors with having prevented many mul- tiple fire deaths last year. Burns said basic problems with putting fire detectors under 'the code include decid- ing whether they should be of the smoke or fire sniffing variety, how many and where they should be located and the quality of the product.


Price added it is important to make sure'people know how to operate and lake care of a detector to avoid getting a false sense of security. Ik- has also said his member- ship occasionally "becomes uncomfortable. Tile threats lo resign have become stronger lately, fired by the proposed layoff of eight full-lime civil servant kitchen workers at Kccwatin Community College in The Pas which has nothing to do with the task force.

Jack- son said Thursday lie has made some progress on this. If he re- signs, he said, government- MGEA consultation will con- tinue.

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Jackson said a positive re- sult of Thursday's meeting was that Lyon agreed to con- sult the MGEA on a series of mailers, as he promised in a leltcr before his election. He said he is "quite sure" the Civil Ser- vice Ael will be changed but didn'L know how. Trudcau refused requests by the opposition leader to put a figure on the number of jobs that would be created through projects announced at conclusion of the federal- provincial meeting.

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Clark said the federal gov- ernment had no estimates out of the conference on the number of jobs "just as it had no proposals going into the conference. A Cuban lobster tail, of course. At least, thal's what the federal' government has decreed and the tariff board has upheld. If you feel somewhat confused, imagine Ihc bewilderment of the Cubans.

They're nol only scratching their collective heads, they're losing a considerable chunk of money. The Cubans have been selling lobsters in Canada for more than Ifl years, imported as tariff item , a category in which no duty is payable. Bul in Ihe revenue deparl- nienl decided lhal Cuban lobslers should become ilem , a calegory for cruslaceans in which eight per cent duty musl be paid. The Cubans appealed lo Ihe tariff board, who appeared lo conclude that in English at least a Cuban lobster is a lobster. How- ever, a slicky poinl developed over Ihc French word.

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