Toronto star january 9 2020 horoscope

This is a time for emphasizing cooperation, trust, and faith in your relationships.

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You can be feeling quite generous, either materially or emotionally or both. This can also be an excellent time to clear space around the home. Jupiter will move into harmony with your sign and into your sector of joy early in December. It's set to spend over a year there, boosting your romantic and creative life. This month, Venus heads into the same sector on the 25th, giving you a nice preview of this energy on a smaller scale.

You're finding new ways to enjoy yourself. Also in the last week of November, you seem to have more faith and energy for your relationships. Mercury's direct turn on the 20th was another boost to clarity, and Mercury gets even more support from the , helping you clear up problems and find the answers you were seeking to issues raised earlier in the month.

The year ahead is both stimulating and stabilizing, dear Virgo. While Neptune continues to oppose your sign this year, suggesting some lack of direction, you have several outer planets in supportive aspect, including ambitious Pluto, steady and practical Saturn, and exciting Uranus.

This takes some of the pressure off relationships themselves, although you might continue to hold some high expectations of them. This can be about moving or upgrading your living conditions and arrangements, or simply finding more pleasure and joy in your domestic world. You are less inclined to want to move about beyond your own familiar environment, taking comfort in and deriving pleasure from being somewhat of a homebody.

Mind you, Uranus moves into your adventure sector from March forward, and this can excite your senses, stimulating interest in enjoying some new adventures, whether on the physical or mental plane or both. Let relationship goals inspire you to better yourself for best results — you get support for this as Saturn and Neptune form a harmonious aspect most of the year.

The year is potentially brilliant for your creativity. Your desire is to make a mark. At the same time, you may be embracing the reality that you need more structure in your creative world in order to advance your skills. There is a dance involved with this — finding the right balance between structure and spontaneity is within your reach this year. The last week of August through to the end of September is a brilliant period for personal opportunities as a planetary lineup forms in your sign.

Your innate flexibility and adaptability are in stronger form in At the same time, you are expanding your inner life and domestic world, making serious improvements to your living conditions and family relationships.

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You are an Earth sign, dear Virgo, and Earth signs continue to receive some extra support this year with Saturn moving in harmony with your sign and Uranus transitioning towards that position as well, active from March forward. Of course, this can affect your manner and your relationships.

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Until December 2nd, , Jupiter continues to increase your attention as well as joy and happiness levels on the home front and with family. If you use this gentle, quiet transit well, and you look very carefully for opportunities, you can better prepare yourself for the more overt opportunities of the upcoming Jupiter in Capricorn transit. Aim to feel more comfortable in your own skin. Slowly, you are building up your confidence. You may be getting settled in physical ways on the level of house and home, or connecting in more rewarding ways with your family or like-family loved ones.

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However, you are also more fully connecting with what you need and want on a very basic, fundamental level. Neptune is a very long-term guest in your partnership sector and still brings its up-and-down themes to committed partnerships this year. However, Neptune harmonizes with Saturn from January to November, and this subtle but magical transit can open up romantic feelings with someone special. You can readily combine stability and commitment with magic, romance, and inspiration now.

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